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quarta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2009

Google Sidewiki e ours Advertisers in ads, posted directional or Subliminal in our pages and publications and Free Donation (texto em inglês com tradução)

Texto em Inglês, com Tradução adiante:

Text in English, with Portuguese translation


I "here for me now finally" our group Lustato Tenterrara Dot Com is ending 2009 with great success and that 2010 will bring not only this confirmation, but also the realization that our work, especially after jan-2009 contributed greatly to integration have always wanted, our site Love & Poetry Messenger Love & Passion of Lustato Tenterrara with all blogs, networks, groups and virtual communities, to each other. As if they were several Musketeers to experience the famous phrase: "One for all; All for one!" Because that is how I sense our sites, networks and blogs.

Also in February I received a comment like this: "So this John Doe seems to be nonsense. For all only like you!". There were these words or grammatical accuracy smoother. Nor was addressed to me on any page of mine, although it was my name in place of John Doe. This critical realized several nuances. One was the concept of spam. I thank the commentator, so although I know, this was not your intention. The fact that it teaches is that it is also important: Even the sneers may be channeled to a firmer and more ethical.

Actually, not that John Doe wanted everything for itself. You may even want to. After all, I believe, this is the object and fight for all mankind: Winning again and again.

Good, but the truth is that we always wanted there to be a full integration between all our sites, blogs, web communities and networks. Of course I would love to chance rather than 400 members in the Brazil Network Poetry, we 500 thousand - or more.

Just as we would love our Orkut community, rather than 1500 members had one million five hundred thousand.

But this is unimportant for now. The reason for this article is crucial to reveal to you, dear reader, user friend, friend of our member networks, websites, communities and blogs, that after the struggle with learning HTML and some CSS nuances of language that I am still amazing (and I've learned Basic language, alone, in 1987, to operate a small miracle man, the mini-computer Expert, Gradiente, that well before computers XT, AT and step into PCs in Brazil). Ramblings. The truth is that today we are operating, altering, "customizing" blogs and websites and networks, without outside help. Some nuances that at first seemed insurmountable, as the implementation of horizontal menu, now seems childish. Transactions in software to deploy more columns on a blog, or deploy blogs with 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, or with such variations on the same page, are finally due.

So this writing is to communicate to all that "before the cock crows, I" do not deny you three times. We are in full swing, up to speed on the sky of Brigadier (done in Minas Gerais) and will soon be linked, all our blogs, sites, networks and communities.

This mister an important ally now arises. I dare say that this ally will be the future of the Internet. After the advent of Google Sidewiki all sites and web pages can be interconnected by all users and Internet users. From now on everyone can comment on any webpage, even against the taste of their own owner. This is what we call web domination. The Internet now have only one Lord, Google Sidewiki. And many utilities can be considered, not merely the side note, as the literal translation of the term may seem. Actually Google Sidewiki came to be a partner of all web pages, especially those in your Owner know this new tool to use.

For those who do not know what it is, I advise you to learn about the subject. Google Sidewiki for now, is only available in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, provided they install the new toolbar from Google.

For those who want to enter now and now we have a page where we offer links to downloads of both Firefox and accessories, as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, and of course also download the toolbar from Google, both as the Firefox browser and for Internet Explorer.

Simply enter downloads essential in any search engine and search the web you will

referente a:

"we are also providing our pages to advertisers or group of advertisers who wish to have ads, posted directional or subliminal in our pages and publications"
- Google Sidewiki Lustato Tenterrara Ponto Com: Apresentação: Amor & Poesias e Rede Brasil: Interligação de Sites: Por que você deve Anunciar conosco? Texto em Inglês com Tradução - Brasil Poesias Música Prosa Verso Poemas e Relacionamentos NET (ver no Google Sidewiki)

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